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International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health (IJFSNPH)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Rapid, sensitive, and specific immunomagnetic separation of foodborne pathogensEmma B. Setterington; Barbara C. Cloutier; Jessica M. Ochoa; Ashley K. Cloutier; Parul J. Patel; Evangelyn C. AlociljaVol.4 No.183-100Free access
A risk assessment of the food supply chain: vulnerability against terrorist or criminal contaminationM.J. Alvarez; A. Alvarez; M. De Giacomo; M.C. De Maggio; R. Onori; A. Oses; J.M. Sarriegi; R. Setola; M. TrombettaVol.4 No.163-82Free access
Developing consumer-focused risk communication strategies related to food terrorismSara Eggers; Linda Verrill; Cory M. Bryant; Sarah L. ThorneVol.4 No.145-62Free access
Differences in household attitudes on food defence and food safety: an international comparisonThomas F. Stinson; Luis Miguel Albisu; Maurizio Canavari; Ronald Larson; Azucena GraciaVol.4 No.129-44Free access
Assessing the terrorist threat to the food supply: food defence, threat assessments, and the problem of vulnerabilityGregory R. DalzielVol.4 No.112-28Free access
Food security: its components and challengesKaryn Havas; Mo SalmanVol.4 No.14-11Free access