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International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation (IJESMS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Modelling and optimisation of creep feed deep surface grinding using FEM-based NNGAAudhesh Narayan; Vinod YadavaVol.8 No.165-74Free access
Discrete-time modelling and behaviour analysis of an N-cell DC/DC buck converterKarama Koubaâ; Moez FekiVol.8 No.154-64Free access
Pipeline lateral gas flow modelling and impedance matchingRobert Whalley; Alaa Abdul-AmeerVol.8 No.137-53Free access
Numerical study of turbulent flow inside a spark ignition engine cylinderJ.A. Beauquel; S.S. Ibrahim; Rui ChenVol.8 No.128-36Free access
Curvature effects on circular feed end-milling, part 2: stability analysisC.G. Ozoegwu; S.N. OmenyiVol.8 No.120-27Free access
Modelling, analysis and validation of wireless controller area networkGerardine Immaculate Mary; Zachariah C. AlexVol.8 No.18-19Free access
An ensemble Kalman filtering algorithm for state estimation of jump Markov systemsS. Vasuhi; V. VaidehiVol.8 No.11-7Free access