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International Journal of Education Economics and Development (IJEED)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The development of learning process quality in improving the student's learning outcomes level of referral vocational school in IndonesiaTrisno Martono; Baedhowi Baedhowi; Dewi Kusuma Wardani; Triyanto; Salman Alfarisy Totalia; Dini Octoria; Pringgo Widyo LaksonoVol.7 No.1/295-111Free access
Educating project managers in the 21st-century economy: a field study on the adoption of social and collaborative tools as low-cost alternatives for project communicationAlice S. Etim; Khoa Huynh; Sowmya Ramaswamy; Alexis Greer; Thomas Higdon; Ivan GuevaraVol.7 No.1/279-94Free access
The application of production functions to Iranian higher education systemAbolghasem NaderiVol.7 No.1/253-78Free access
Effects of different types of quizzes on student effort investment behaviour and learning outcomesTin-chun LinVol.7 No.1/233-52Free access
Public education expenditure and food inequality in rural India: an analysis in major states of India during 1983-2012Aniruddha Kayet; Debasish MondalVol.7 No.1/214-32Free access
Emerging practices of consumer financial education (CFE) in the microinsurance industry: a case of South AfricaBibi Zaheenah ChummunVol.7 No.1/21-13Free access