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International Journal of Decision Support Systems (IJDSS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A multi-objective search strategy to select optimal network hardening measures Arkadeep Kundu; Soumya K. GhoshVol.1 No.1130-148Free access
A comparative study of naive Bayes classifier and Bayes net classifier for fault diagnosis of roller bearing using sound signalRahul Kumar Sharma; V. Sugumaran; Hemantha Kumar; M. AmarnathVol.1 No.1115-129Free access
A knowledge-based framework for a mobile OLAP systemNachida Rezoug; Omar Boussaid; Fahima NaderVol.1 No.172-114Free access
A decision support system for the development of voyage and maintenance plans for shipsChristina Diakaki; Natalia Panagiotidou; Anastasios Pouliezos; Georgios D. Kontes; George S. Stavrakakis; Kostas Belibassakis; Theodoros P. Gerostathis; George Livanos; Dimitrios-Nikolaos Pagonis; Gerasimos TheotokatosVol.1 No.142-71Free access
A multi-criteria and statistical framework for measuring and analysing customers' experienceEvangelia Krassadaki; Nikolaos F. MatsatsinisVol.1 No.118-41Free access
Fault diagnosis of helical gear box using naïve Bayes and Bayes netM. Amarnath; Deepak Jain; V. Sugumaran; Hemantha KumarVol.1 No.14-17Free access