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International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies (IJDATS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Effects of customer perception and social interactions on brand equity: automobile sectorArchana SinghVol.9 No.175-98Free access
Bayesian survival analysis: comparison of survival probability of hormone receptor status for breast cancer dataEsin Avc?Vol.9 No.163-74Free access
Mining frequent, maximal and closed frequent itemsets over data stream - a reviewM. Jeya Sutha; F. Ramesh DhanaseelanVol.9 No.146-62Free access
Variable importance index based on the partial least squares and boxplot cutoff threshold for variable selectionNoppamas Akarachantachote; Seree Chadcham; Kidakan SaithanuVol.9 No.134-45Free access
Data quality improvement in data warehouse: a frameworkRajiv Arora; Payal Pahwa; Daya GuptaVol.9 No.117-33Free access
Software fault proneness prediction: a comparative study between bagging, boosting, and stacking ensemble and base learner methodsMohammed Akour; Izzat Alsmadi; Iyad AlazzamVol.9 No.11-16Free access