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International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (IJCAT)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Simulation model of pedestrians swarm in evacuation situationsOlfa Beltaief; Sameh El Hadouaj; Khaled GhediraVol.55 No.170-77Free access
Identification and development of a real-time motion control for a mobile robot's DC gear motorNoura Ayadi; Manel Turki; Rania Ghribi; Nabil DerbelVol.55 No.161-69Free access
An enumerative biclustering algorithm based on greatest common divisor: application to DNA microarray dataHaifa Ben Saber; Mourad ElloumiVol.55 No.155-60Free access
Robust fault detection and isolation in bond graph modelled processes with Bayesian networksWalid Bouallegue; Salma Bouslama; Moncef TaginaVol.55 No.146-54Free access
Disturbance influence on neuronal system modellingInes Mahmoud; Ayachi Errachdi; Mohamed BenrejebVol.55 No.139-45Free access
Modelling and identification of an irrigation station using hybrid possibilistic c-means and fuzzy particle swarm optimisationJaouher Chrouta; Abderrahmen Zaafouri; Mohamed JemliVol.55 No.130-38Free access
State and fault estimation based on interval type-2 fuzzy inference system optimised by genetic algorithmsImen Maalej; Donia Ben Halima Abid; Chokri RekikVol.55 No.122-29Free access
A constructive heuristic for the two-dimensional bin packing based on value correctionYi Yao; Chaoan Lai; Yaodong CuiVol.55 No.112-21Free access
BDI-agent-based quantum-behaved PSO for shipboard power system reconfigurationWei Zhang; Weifeng Shi; Jinbao ZhuoVol.55 No.14-11Free access