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International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology (IJCAET)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Shareworks - a ubiquitous online learning platform for project-based learning and networkingFlip Van Haaren; Niels C.C.M. MoesVol.8 No.1/2179-197Free access
An augmented reality tool to validate the assembly sequence of a discrete productGilberto Osorio-Gómez; Roberto Viganò; Juan Carlos ArbeláezVol.8 No.1/2164-178Free access
Modelling tactual experience with product materialsGeorgi V. Georgiev; Yukari Nagai; Toshiharu TauraVol.8 No.1/2144-163Free access
A methodology for virtual assessment of product ergonomicsGiorgio Colombo; Daniele Regazzoni; Caterina RizziVol.8 No.1/2125-143Free access
Motivating subjects to drive in haste using time pressure in a simulated environmentElizabeth Rendón-Vélez; Imre Horváth; Wilhelm Frederik Van der VegteVol.8 No.1/299-124Free access
Statistical foot-shape analysis for mass-customisation of footwearSeung-Yeob Baek; Kunwoo LeeVol.8 No.1/280-98Free access
Natural interaction for online documentation in industrial maintenanceMichele Fiorentino; Antonio Emmanuele Uva; Giuseppe Monno; Rafael RadkowskiVol.8 No.1/256-79Free access
Controlled direct 3D sketching with haptic and motion constraintsPrasad S. Onkar; Dibakar SenVol.8 No.1/233-55Free access
Affordances for designing natural user interfaces for 3D modellingZoltán Rusák; Ismail Cimen; Imre Horváth; Aadjan Van der HelmVol.8 No.1/28-32Free access