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International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling (IJBPSCM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Providing a structured methodology for supplier selection and evaluation for strategic outsourcing PAPER WITHDRAWNMansoor Momeni; Hadi Rezaei VandchaliVol.9 No.166-85Free access
Study of mutual influence drivers in the Indian plastic industry for green supply chain management using interpretive structural modellingA. Noorul Haq; Karthika Aerath; Kaliyan MathiyazhaganVol.9 No.142-65Free access
Surveying the effects of CKMP of strategic managers on supply chain performance in Iran oil industryMahdi Abbas Taher; Reza Bandarian; Mohammad Reza Sadeghi MoghadamVol.9 No.128-41Free access
Comparisons of sustainable supply chain management practices in the automotive sector Deepak Mathivathanan; A. Noorul HaqVol.9 No.118-27Free access
Application of interpretive structural modelling approach for the analysis of barriers affecting lean manufacturing implementation in Indian manufacturing industryRakesh Kumar; Vikas KumarVol.9 No.11-17Free access