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International Journal of Biometrics (IJBM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Extraction and selection of binarised statistical image features for fingerprint recognitionAhlem Adjimi; Abdenour Hacine-Gharbi; Philippe Ravier; Messaoud MostefaiVol.9 No.167-80Free access
A fingerprint matching algorithm using bit-plane extraction method with phase-only correlationFlorence Francis-Lothai; David B.L. BongVol.9 No.144-66Free access
A clustering-based indexing approach for biometric databases using decision-level fusionIlaiah Kavati; Munaga V.N.K. Prasad; Chakravarthy BhagvatiVol.9 No.117-43Free access
Partial silhouette-based gait recognitionSoharab Hossain Shaikh; Khalid Saeed; Nabendu ChakiVol.9 No.11-16Free access