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International Journal of Business Information Systems (IJBIS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
E91 QKD protocol for authentication in online banking systemsAnand Sharma; Saroj Kumar LenkaVol.22 No.1116-122Free access
Aligning key success factors to ERP implementation strategy: learning from a case studyIskander Zouaghi; Abderrazak LaghouagVol.22 No.1100-115Free access
Factors associating the IT capability in healthcare services and its perceived transformation impactKalai Anand Ratnam; P.D.D. DominicVol.22 No.182-99Free access
Data quality assessment and improvementRisto Silvola; Janne Harkonen; Olli Vilppola; Hanna Kropsu-Vehkapera; Harri HaapasaloVol.22 No.162-81Free access
University website quality characteristics and success: lecturers' perspectiveSoud M. Almahamid; Amjad F. Tweiqat; Mousa S. AlmanaseerVol.22 No.141-61Free access
A capabilities driven model for web services description and compositionSana Baccar; Mohsen Rouached; Mohamed AbidVol.22 No.126-40Free access
Leading NoSQL models for handling Big Data: a brief reviewSugam Sharma; Ritu Shandilya; Srikanta Patnaik; Ashok MahapatraVol.22 No.11-25Free access