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International Journal of the Built Environment and Asset Management (IJBEAM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Consumer preference for entertainment parks in IndiaJayanthi Ranjan; Gunjan MalhotraVol.1 No.194-102Free access
Evaluating hotel feasibility studies: lender perspectiveA.J. Singh; James W. Damitio; Raymond S. SchmidgallVol.1 No.174-93Free access
Influence of store brands on variety-seeking behaviour of consumers in MexicoRajagopalVol.1 No.156-73Free access
Relationship and patronage as determinants to loyalty programme use amongst Indian youthSapna Rakesh; Arpita KhareVol.1 No.141-55Free access
Developing a capability model of Six Sigma implementation: a comparative study of CSF of Six Sigma implementation between manufacturing and service sectors in UzbekistanTimur Niyazmetov; Kay Hooi KeoyVol.1 No.114-40Free access
Timeshare brand affiliation impactsTammie J. Kaufman; Catherine Curtis; Randall S. UpchurchVol.1 No.14-13Free access