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International Journal of Automotive Composites (IJAUTOC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Crashworthiness evaluation of composite vehicle side door with an innovative designGiovanni Belingardi; Ji JindongVol.2 No.175-93Free access
Modelling of fatigue damage evolution in composite multilayered cylindrical shellsAleksander Muc; Agnieszka Bondyra; Stanisław MiarkaVol.2 No.160-74Free access
A simplified higher-order shear deformation theory for hygrothermal analysis of FRP bridge deckMoumita Sit; Chaitali RayVol.2 No.141-59Free access
Thermal stress analysis of laminated composite plates using exponential shear deformation theoryAtteshamuddin Shamshuddin Sayyad; Yuwaraj Marotrao Ghugal; Bharti Machhindra ShindeVol.2 No.123-40Free access
Finite element modelling of the low velocity impact response of composite plates with block copolymer nano-reinforcementsKarthik Ram Ramakrishnan; Sébastien Denneulin; Sandra Guérard; Krishna Shankar; Philippe ViotVol.2 No.13-22Free access