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International Journal of Applied Pattern Recognition (IJAPR)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
On the filtering properties of classic-curvature and intensity-curvature functional images: applications in magnetic resonance imagingCarlo Ciulla; Dimitar Veljanovski; Filip A. Risteski; Ustijana Rechkoska ShikoskaVol.3 No.177-98Free access
Performance enhancement of the pattern recalling efficiency of Hopfield neural network using genetic algorithm for cursive handwritten character recognitionSonal Bansal; Rinku DixitVol.3 No.159-76Free access
Pattern classification system for the automatic analysis of paper for recyclingAnke Gottschling; Samuel SchabelVol.3 No.138-58Free access
Minimising branch crossings in phylogenetic treesSung-Hyuk Cha; Yoo Jung AnVol.3 No.122-37Free access
Edge detection for pattern recognition: a surveyAlex Pappachen JamesVol.3 No.11-21Free access