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International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms (IJAIP)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Similar names in academic literature as a tools to deceive researchersMehdi Dadkhah; Ashok K. Shyam; Valentina Christova-Bagdassarian; Mohammad Davarpanah JaziVol.8 No.1119-127Free access
Band selection by mutual information for hyper-spectral image classification Ibtissam Banit'ouagua; Mounir Ait Kerroum; Ahmed Hammouch; Driss AboutajdineVol.8 No.198-118Free access
Efficient similarity measure for comparing tree structuresFatiha Souam; Ali Aït El HadjVol.8 No.177-97Free access
Handling batch effects on cross-platform classification of microarray dataWorrawat Engchuan; Asawin Meechai; Sissades Tongsima; Jonathan H. ChanVol.8 No.159-76Free access
Weighted value assessment of linear fractional programming for possibilistic multi-objective problem Nureize Arbaiy; Pei-Chun LinVol.8 No.142-58Free access
Knowledge-based differential evolution approach to quantisation table generation for the JPEG baseline algorithmB. Vinoth Kumar; G.R. KarpagamVol.8 No.120-41Free access
Facial shape-from-shading using features detection methodLyes Abada; Saliha AouatVol.8 No.13-19Free access