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International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences (IJADS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A new fuzzy multi-objective optimisation method with desirability function under uncertaintyP. Soleymani; S. Meysam Mousavi; Behnam Vahdani; A. AboueimehriziVol.9 No.1100-120Free access
Optimal materials purchasing for ready-mixed concrete in construction projects with environmental effectsQiurui Liu; Jiuping Xu; Ziqiang Zeng; Shiyong Wu; Manbin ShenVol.9 No.170-99Free access
A novel soft spatial weights matrix method based on soft setsXianning Wang; Zhi XiaoVol.9 No.139-69Free access
A new approach for the capability analysis based on measurement system analysis: a case study for coal quality detection equipmentQinghe Yuan; Xianhui Yin; Wei Yan; Yanyan Tan; Zhaojun LiVol.9 No.117-38Free access
Adverse selection factors of group injury insurance: evidence from a Taiwanese property-liability insurance companyHsu-Hua Lee; Ming-Yuan Hsu; Chen-Ying LeeVol.9 No.11-16Free access