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International Journal of Automation and Control (IJAAC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Design of networked polynomial control systems with random delays: sum of squares approachMohsen Rakhshan; Navid Vafamand; Mokhtar Shasadeghi; Morteza Dabbaghjamanesh; Amirhossein MoeiniVol.10 No.173-86Free access
Design a Lyapunov control under input constraint for stabilisation of a CSTRKhalil Jouili; Naceur Benhadj BraiekVol.10 No.152-72Free access
Mathematical modelling of the simplest fuzzy two-input two-output proportional integral or proportional derivative controller via Larsen product inferenceN.K. Arun; B.M. MohanVol.10 No.134-51Free access
Speed variable adaptive backstepping control of the doubly-fed induction machine driveMohammed Taoussi; Mohammed Karim; Badre Bossoufi; Dalila Hammoumi; Ahmed Lagrioui; Aziz DerouichVol.10 No.112-33Free access
Joint control of power and rates of wireless networks based on Nash gameShulan Kong; Wen ChenVol.10 No.11-11Free access