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International Journal of Automation and Control (IJAAC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Design of mixed sensitivity H control for four-rotor hover vehicleRooh Ul Amin; Li AijunVol.11 No.189-103Free access
Analysis of controllers for the dynamic response enhancement of the three-port full-bridge DC-DC converter interfacing photovoltaic systemVenmathi Mahendran; Ramaprabha RamabadranVol.11 No.167-88Free access
Fuzzy-PI control of a doubly fed induction generator-based wind power system Marouane El Azzaoui; Hassane MahmoudiVol.11 No.154-66Free access
Autonomous mobile robot navigation based on an integrated environment representation designed in dynamic environmentsFaten Cherni; Maissa Boujelben; Lotfi Jaiem; Yassine Boutereaa; Chokri Rekik; Nabil DerbelVol.11 No.135-53Free access
Managing voltage drops: a variable speed wind turbine connected to the gridBadre Bossoufi; Silviu Ionita; Luminita Constantinescu; Hala Alami Arroussi; Madiha El Ghamrasni; Yasmine IhedraneVol.11 No.115-34Free access
Robust fault reconstruction based on sliding mode observer for a class of uncertain time-varying delay systems: a rocket motor system applicationIskander Boulaabi; Anis Sellami; Fayçal Ben HmidaVol.11 No.11-14Free access