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European Journal of International Management (EJIM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Managing multinational operations: from organisational structures to mental structures and from operations to innovationsYves DozVol.10 No.110-24Free access
Intercultural competencies as antecedents of responsible global leadershipChristof Miska; Günter K. Stahl; Mark E. MendenhallVol.7 No.5550-569Free access
Challenges in international survey research: a review with illustrations and suggested solutions for best practiceAnne-Wil Harzing; B. Sebastian Reiche; Markus PudelkoVol.7 No.1112-134Free access
Business and management in Russia: a review of the post-Soviet literature and future research directionsDaniel J. McCarthy; Sheila M. PufferVol.7 No.174-111Free access
Case selection biases in management research: the implications for international business studiesSimon Collinson, Alan M. RugmanVol.4 No.5441-463Free access
A new Zeitgeist for international business activity and scholarshipJohn H. DunningVol.1 No.4278-301Free access
Cultural values in organisations: insights for EuropeLilach Sagiv, Shalom H. SchwartzVol.1 No.3176-190Free access
Culture: organisations, personalities and nations. Gerhard Fink interviews Geert HofstedeGeert Hofstede, Gerhard FinkVol.1 No.1/214-22Free access