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International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (IJCAT)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Helmet-mounted eye control system for pupil recognition and positionJianbin Xiong; Zhiping Peng; Weichao Xu; Qiong Liang; Lin Wang; Qinruo WangVol.53 No.191-103Free access
Displacement-constrained vibration-attenuation controller design for linear structure systems with parameter uncertaintiesYuanchun Ding; Falu Weng; Ji Ge; John NguyenVol.53 No.182-90Free access
Adaptive modelling of non-linear errors-in-variables systemsYuan Li; Zheng Qin; Laixiang ShanVol.53 No.171-81Free access
A fast transition of linear temporal logic formulae to transition-based Büchi automataLaixiang Shan; Zheng QinVol.53 No.162-70Free access
Least square support vector machine for structural reliability analysisChangxing Zhu; Hongbo ZhaoVol.53 No.151-61Free access
Motion estimation using the total variation-local-global optical flow and the structure-texture image decompositionInsaf Bellamine; Hamid TairiVol.53 No.141-50Free access
An area-adaptive multi-level layout for social network visualisationXiaolin Du; Yunming Ye; Yueping LiVol.53 No.132-40Free access
A non-contact human-computer interaction application design based on electrostatic current of human bodyQingwei Han; Xi Chen; Kai Tang; Pengfei LiVol.53 No.123-31Free access
Mobile tracking system and optical tracking integration for mobile mixed realityJán Bajana; Daniela Francia; Alfredo Liverani; Martin KrajčovičVol.53 No.113-22Free access
Modelling and evaluating CCUS: a surveyQunhong Tian; Dongya Zhao; Zhaomin Li; Jian Zhang; Qingfang Li; Haili Liu; Shijian LuVol.53 No.11-12Free access