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  • Analysis Sharia tourism as resource of finance public sector in Indonesia use total quality service
    by Puji Astutik, Lathifa Hapsari 

  • Does the United States have Market Power in Importing Ethanol from Brazil?   Order a copy of this article
    by Sunil P. Dhoubhadel, Azzeddine M. Azzam, Matthew C. Stockton 
    Abstract: The ever increasing requirement in the U.S. to blend higher volumes of advanced biofuels with gasoline and the shortfall in domestic production to fulfill this requirement; imports of ethanol from Brazil will likely take on an even more vital role. In this article, we examine U.S. buyer power over Brazil. For methodology, we estimate the residual sugar-ethanol supply function facing the U.S. What we find is that while the U.S. had buyer power before the enactment of the the advanced biofuels mandate, that buyer power disappeared after the mandate. One possible explanation is that, given that Brazil is the primary source of the sugarcane ethanol, the mandate requirement has increased rivalry between the U.S. and the remaining importers, creating a perfect market overlap between the rivals.
    Keywords: Market power, ethanol imports, residual supply elasticity

  • The dynamic relationship between tanker freight rates and crude oil production: evidence from causality analysis   Order a copy of this article
    by Philipp Lauenstein 
    Abstract: This paper studies the dynamics between tanker freight rate and crude oil production levels. Making use of the Toda and Yamamoto (1995) procedure, it is tested for the (non-)existence of Granger (1969) causal relationships between the two variables. Over the sample period from 1998 to 2014, the results suggest that past information of crude oil production levels uni-directionally helps to predict current tanker freight rate levels. This holds both for aggregated global data and for specific trading routes. Moreover, making use of breakpoint analysis, it is found that this causal relationship is only valid until 2009, since when the global tanker shipping market suffers strongly from excess tonnage capacity. During periods of low earnings in the tanker market, freight rate levels are not impacted by changes in crude oil production. At the practical level, the findings imply that, depending on the state of the freight market, ship owners and operators may improve chartering decision-making by monitoring physical crude oil production volumes.
    Keywords: Tanker Freight Rates; Crude Oil Production; Granger-Causality; Toda-Yamamoto Procedure.

Special Issue on: Exploring Socio-Economic Dimensions of Business Strategies Interdisciplinary Approaches

  • Growth and business development: promoting new talent within SME fashion design and adding value to the economy in Bangladesh - characteristics, opportunities and barriers to growth
    by Lynne Hammond, Saiqa Anne Qureshi, Maher Anjum 

Special Issue on: Interdisciplinary Research on International Market Strategies and Performance

  • Performance evaluation of Philippine mutual funds via the Modigliani and Modigliani measure
    by Catherine Kalayaan S. Almonte 
    Keywords: .

  • Are food prices affected by crude oil price: causality investigation
    by Saleh Mothana Obadi, Matej Korček 

  • The current assessment of foreign direct investment in the Middle East and North African Region
    by Ritab Al-Khouri