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  • Active and Reactive power control of Three phase grid connected PV System   Order a copy of this article
    by Pradipta Kumar Sahoo, Pravat Kumar Ray, Pranati Das 
    Abstract: This paper deals with active and reactive power control of a three phase grid connected photovoltaic system. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm is used to track the MPP. The MPPT algorithm uses the IPV and VPV of the PV array and gives the MPP and a Vdc, ref. This voltage is then passed on to the inverter and then further to the three-phase grid. The behaviour of the active and reactive power of the grid which is supplied by the PV array is investigated. The various currents such as inverter current, grid current and load currents are also investigated. MATLAB/Simulink has been used to carry out the simulations. Proposed work has also been experimentally verified.
    Keywords: Photovoltaic; Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory; MPPT; Voltage Source Inverter; Hyseresis band controller.

  • An Efficient Pattern Analysis based Event Detection and Fault Localization Model for Reliable Power Transmission System   Order a copy of this article
    Abstract: The exponential rise of power demands across socio-industrial applications has motivated academia-industries to develop optimal power quality assurance to meet the requirements. The use of synchrophasor information based event detection has always been a potential solution to ensure controllability of the power systems; however assessing the gigantic real-time phasor information is often an intricate task. On contrary, accurate and timely data (feature) extraction and event detection are must for decision purposes. Recently, robustness of the soft computing techniques, particularly data mining and pattern classification approaches have gained significant attention for large sale data analysis and classification. With this motivation, in this paper we have developed a multi-stage intelligent soft computing model for event detection and fault localization using the pattern classification algorithms named, J48, Na
    Keywords: Automatic Event detection; fault localization; PMU; synchrophasor data; pattern classification.