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  • Role of Decision making style and Innovativeness in Indian Entrepreneurial firms.   Order a copy of this article
    by Yesha Dua 
    Abstract: The paper studies the effect of Perceived decision making style and Organizational Innovativeness in Indian entrepreneurial firms. Studies in the past have focused only on the relation between the two constructs briefly. However, in the Indian context research is still scarce. The study used the Questionnaire method to understand the relation between constructs. Perceived Top management team has a positive relation with Innovativeness in entrepreneurial firms. The study widens its scope by including the third construct Perceived Top management Decision-making style, in order to test the relation and its effect. The study findings indicated, that Perceived Top management team Vision and Perceived Top management team Decision making style had a significant positive relation. Perceived Decision making style acts as a moderator variable between Perceived Top management team (TMT) Vision and Organizational Innovativeness.
    Keywords: Vision; Decision making style; Innovativeness; Moderator variable.

  • Exploring the involvement of academic researchers in research collaboration with knowledge users A study of two Ghanaian universities   Order a copy of this article
    by Mavis Mensah 
    Abstract: In the face of limited national innovation and competitiveness, it was imperative to examine research collaboration between academic researchers and knowledge users for attainment of a knowledge-based economy in Ghana. The study followed an explanatory sequential mixed methods approach to analyse survey data from proportionate stratified samples of academics from the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Social Sciences and Arts, and interview data from 11 key informants, from two public universities in Ghana. Through descriptive analysis and Kruskal-Wallis tests, it was established that involvement of academics in research collaboration was low. There was no statistically significant difference, at the p < .05 level, in the number of research collaboration across the three academic disciplines. Although the condition points to the existence of a wider knowledge filter, it presents the nation with the opportunity to institute the necessary measures to step up the uptake and commercialisation of research findings.
    Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Ghana; innovation; knowledge-based economy; knowledge spillover; research collaboration; university.