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    by Michela Miliacca, Idiano D'Adamo, Domenico Schettini 
    Abstract: The European Union (EU) Member States fight climate change through the greenhouse gas emissions reduction (mitigation measures) and prepare for the unavoidable effects which have already been triggered (adaptation measures). By 2050, the EU aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 95% compared with 1990 levels. New objectives up to 2030 provide for a 40% reduction of GHG emissions and an increase of 27% for renewables and energy efficiency. rnThe aim of this work is twofold. Firstly, we present the inventory data of the greenhouse gas emissions, final energy consumption, share of renewable energy, ISO 14001, EMAS and ISO 50001 certifications in 2015 for the EU-28 Member States. Then, we identify the current level achieved by the EU and by individual countries compared to the 2020 targets. Secondly, we find a correspondence between the increasing number of certified companies and the good results relating to the mitigation measures. The regulatory obligations and the growing awareness about climate change led companies to voluntarily adopting systems of environmental management and/or energy management, because they generate a series of benefits such as the improving of image return, revenues and levels of competitiveness.
    Keywords: Climate change; Greenhouse gas emission; Energy consumption; Environmental management; Energy management.

  • Patent Citations and Value: Through the Lens of a Social Network Approach   Order a copy of this article
    by Feng Zhang, Guohua Jiang, Xiaoyun He 
    Abstract: Identifying valuable technological inventions in a timely manner for further development and commercialization has important strategic implications for organizations to maximize social welfare and return on investments. Building upon the advantages that social network approach can predict performance in short investigation periods, this study develops a conceptual and novel framework to predict patent value through analyzing patent citations network structural indicators. Our proposed approach helps alleviate truncation problem suffered by existing patent evaluation methods. Testable propositions are also offered. This study contributes to patent economics literature and research fields that would benefit from a more accurate measure of valuable technological inventions. The proposed approach also has practical and commercial values to research institutes and industrial firms.
    Keywords: Patent value; social network approach; backward citation networks; forward citation networks; comprehensive citation networks.

  • Quality of Service in the Jordanian Telecommunications Sector   Order a copy of this article
    by Loiy Bani Ismail, Ra’ad Rasheed, Mohammad Alawamleh 
    Abstract: This research seeks to examine the quality of service of the three main telecommunications operators (Zain, Orange and Umniah) in Jordan for year 2016 in terms of network, distribution, marketing and sales quality using qualitative data from semi-structured one-to-one interviews with a representative sample of the biggest wholesalers and sub-dealers across Jordan (n = 4,600), and qualitative interviews with key stakeholders (sub-dealers recruited from across the country). The core objective of this research was to examine the performance of the three operators in Jordan. It was found that the national telecommunications market is intensely competitive, and the three predominant operators have varying quality of service in numerous areas. Zain and Orange draw on their international leverage and capital to maintain market share, but the best technical and customer support value is offered by the later market entrant, Umniah, in terms of higher speed Internet and customer service. All firms benefit from high-quality human resources, and face similar challenges in terms of inhibitive taxes on prepaid tariffs and the stringent regulation of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission..
    Keywords: Telecommunications; quality; wholesalers; sub-dealers; QoS.

    by Hanna Shvindina, Viktoriya Martynets 
    Abstract: The aim of this paper is to make contractual decisions visible for transaction cost analysis, and to formulate an applicable approach to evaluating decisions about distribution contracts. The term transaction attractiveness is offered by authors as a general criterion of choice. The authors offer a framework for the analysis of transaction attractiveness on the base of evaluation of the Return on Transaction Costs (ROTC) index. The Transaction Attractiveness Method includes the evaluation of the indexes of transaction costs, the indexes of general financial performance, and ROTC index. The methodology presented in the paper is based on a generalization of the ideas about the transactions and transaction costs of the firm and specified for the accounting system of Ukraine (Western Europe). The method was implemented at two firms of different types a chemical manufacturer, and a machine-building enterprise that operate in the given region (Sumy, Ukraine). The case of decision-making about direct versus indirect channel of distribution brought usable methodology for the choice of a channel trough the higher attractiveness. The factual implementation of the framework was provided at the Ukrainian enterprise and positively affected decisions of the distribution systems. There is a space for discussion in terms of how this approach may impact the opportunistic behavior or strategy development for the players in other industries.
    Keywords: direct channels; distribution; decision-making process; transaction costs; transaction characteristics; transactional attractiveness; return on transaction costs.

  • ECB Monetary Policy Surprises and Euro Area Sovereign Yield Spreads   Order a copy of this article
    by Abdelkader Derbali, Tarek Chebbi 
    Abstract: The importance of ECB monetary policy surprises in explaining movements in euro area sovereign yield spreads is explored using a daily data for ten countries for 2011-2015. The unanticipated component of the monetary policy is extracted by using changes in the three-month Euribor futures rate immediately after the ECB meetings. Our results show that monetary policy surprises from the ECB, when significant, exert a strong influence on yield spread returns and volatilities. The effects of ECB news announcement surprises on the debt markets differ substantially across PIIGS and non-PIIGS countries. It is important to note that the persistence of volatility is clear across all samples and it shown by the significance and the positive sign of associated coefficient.
    Keywords: ECB; monetary policy surprises; yield spreads; euro area countries.

  • The impact of economic growth on pollution in developed European countries   Order a copy of this article
    by Lamia Jamel, Samir Maktouf 
    Abstract: In this paper, we empirically investigate the impact of economic growth on environmental degradation in the developed European economies during the period of study from 1985 to 2015. For the econometric methodology, we utilize the Cobb-Douglas production function. From the tests of Kao and Fisher cointegration confirm the existence of a cointegration relationship between the economic growth and pollution. Also, we confirm the hypothesis of basic CEK which assumes the existence of a bidirectional relationship between economic growth and emissions of CO2 in developed European countries during the period of study (1985-2015). In addition, we find that there is a two-way causal relationship between energy consumption and pollution in developed European countries.
    Keywords: Economic growth; pollution; developed European countries; financial development.