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  • Empirical Research of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods Used to Evaluate Bids for Public Contracts in The Czech Republic   Order a copy of this article
    by Lucie Vrbova 
    Abstract: Multi-criteria decision making methods are used to select the best bids for public contracts. Due to strict legal regulations, only a few methods are possible to use for public contracts. This paper analyses multi-criteria decision making methods and their suitability for public contracts. Research performed in the Czech Republic in 2013 found that contracting authorities strongly prefer to use the weighted sum approach in connection with one type of transformation for quantitative criteria. They treat all criteria with the same value functions that are convex for minimizing criteria and linear for maximizing. In 60 % of criteria, the contracting authorities limited the bidders in admissible values of criteria or defined the reference value.
    Keywords: Bids evaluation; public contracts; multi-criteria decision making; contractor selection; multiple criteria evaluation; linear transformation; quantitative criteria; value functions; weighted sum approach; admissible limits for criteria; abnormally low tender prices
  • Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Safety Management System Failure and Impact on Economic Performance: The Case of Jet Engine Manufacturing   Order a copy of this article
    by Jose Pereira, Ricardo Bordeaux, Luiz Peres Zotes, Gilson B.A. Lima, Osvaldo Luiz Gonçalves Quelhas 
    Abstract: It is widely known that operational accidents affects the productivity of manufacturing industry and evidences show that the adoption of a safety management system can influence the economic performance. Decision-makers do not normally use probabilistic risk analysis to evaluate the effects of the safety management failure on costs. To remedy this problem, this paper presents a method to perform probabilistic risk analysis of safety system failure and analysis of the impact on costs and economic performance. In this context and to meet this objective, an in depth literature research was conducted to identify the main elements of a safety system and a field research was conducted with experts in overhaul of jet engines to identify the factors affecting the safety system failure, the probability of their occurrence and the impact on cost. As a result, this paper presents a method that can guide safety managers and executive managers on how to perform probabilistic risk analysis of safety system failure and how to analyze the effects of the different system elements on the economic performance of jet engine manufacturing system. This method utilizes Design Thinking and Bayesian Belief Network. The current study demonstrates that the failure of different system elements influence the costs of operation and that a probabilistic risk analysis of system failure leads to a better safety system performance and consequently to a better economic performance. This study adds to the growing understanding that probabilistic risk analysis of safety system failure and associated costs is essential for safety operation and for competitive performance in jet engine manufacturing system.
    Keywords: Safety Management System, Probabilistic Risk Analysis, economic performance, jet engine manufacturing
  • Assessing Transaction Efficiency for Biomass: A Case Study of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan   Order a copy of this article
    by Guilherme Signorini, R. Brent Ross, H. Christopher Peterson 
    Abstract: In concordance to the Renewable Portfolio Standard program, the state of Michigan promotes generation of renewable electricity through the Renewable Energy Plan. Despite policy efforts, performance figures reveal an industry that has not gained the momentum one would expect. This article focuses on five biomass-related transactions aiming to diagnose whether input transactions have performed as transaction cost economics (TCE) would predict. Based on qualitative analyses, results show that the coordination mechanism adopted by logging firms and biomass processors have led parties to experience hold-up problems. The paper concludes with an alternative strategy to alleviate hold-ups and devise an efficient market for biomass.
    Keywords: renewable energy, bioelectricity, emerging markets, hold-up problems