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  • Cross-border mergers & acquisitions: A bibliometric review and future research avenues   Order a copy of this article
    by Nuno Reis, Fernando Carvalho, José Ferreira 
    Abstract: Cross-border mergers and acquisitions (CBMAs) are an important mode of international expansion and have attracted substantial scholarly attention in the last decades. The extant literature on CBMAs is fragmented and often presents contradictory perspectives which hinder the researchers ability to understand the phenomenon. Therefore it is useful to analyse the extant literature on CBMAs, to make sense of what has been published, in a systematic and objective way. In this paper we conduct a bibliometric review of CBMA research over a 20-year period (1994-2013). Using a sample of 256 articles published in 69 journals we performed citation, co-citation and factor analyses, structural and longitudinal, to understand the most influential works and to observe the evolution of the themes and theoretical approaches used. We identified the importance of culture-related works as well as the increasing importance of resource- and knowledge-related approaches, whereas finance/economics perspectives have a decreasing influence.
    Keywords: Mergers & acquisitions; Cross-border M&As; International acquisitions; literature review; Bibliometric review; citation analysis; co-citation analysis; factor analysis.

  • Research Trends on Food Safety and Sanitation in Hospitality and Tourism   Order a copy of this article
    by Bendegul Okumus, Forest Ma 
    Abstract: The present study examines research trends on food safety/sanitation in 16 leading hospitality and tourism (H&T) journals from 1976-2016. The researchers developed a database of 5333 articles related to food. Of this number, only 45 articles were related to food safety and published across eight H&T journals from 1976 to 2016. Thus, despite the size of the industry and importance of the topic, there still remains a dearth of food safety/sanitation publications. This article provides the first systematic analysis on food safety/sanitation research in the H&T context. It offers an analysis of the broad features of literature on food safety in the H&T context with a focus on international collaboration, highly productive countries, institutions and authors, methods of research, publication years, and journal distribution. In addition to highlighting a scarcity in advanced statistical research methods and international collaboration, the research findings also suggest that the majority of the studies analyzed were empirical and conducted using quantitative methods.
    Keywords: food safety; food sanitation; hospitality; tourism.

  • Efficiency and Subsidies: Mapping and Multidisciplinary Analysis   Order a copy of this article
    by Silvia Salustiano, Natália Barbosa 
    Abstract: This study aims to assess the roots, the evolution and the influence of literature on subsidies and efficiency in a variety of areas of knowledge such economics, management, business, agricultural policy and environmental sciences. By analysing 1,507 articles authored by 3,410 scientists and with 47,028 cited references and by using co-word analysis tools, different themes dealt with the relationship between subsidies and efficiency were disclosed and examined. The results have shown that efficiency and energy are the two themes that stand out, while subsidies are a secondary theme with a strong connection with efficiency research. Evidence shows that the literature on subsidies and efficiency embodies a relatively new field, which has remarkably consolidated over the last ten years as a research area. However, the roots of this literature are found in articles published between 1971 and 1998. At that time, the theoretical studies, mainly in the area of economics, have defined the main econometric models currently used in several areas of knowledge, including the measurement of subsidies effects on efficiency.
    Keywords: bibliometrics; subsidies; efficiency; Web of Science (WoS).