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  • The Relationship of Impact Factors and Journal Rankings in Tourism   Order a copy of this article
    by Davis Ka Chio Fong, Ben Haobin Ye, Rob Law 
    Abstract: This research note discusses the relationship of impact factors (IFs) and journal rankings in tourism. The present conceptual paper contributes to this line of research by commenting on the (un)suitability of using IFs and citations for ranking tourism journals, and aims to offer novel and constructive suggestions to academics in the field. Limitations of using impact factors in ranking tourism journals have been examined, which include unintended negative impact induced by extensive use of impact factors, possible inaccurate assessment of the papers quality, and incomparability of IFs between tourism journals and mainstream business journals. Implications were offered to address the limitations of paper assessment based on journal ranking. Specifically, universities should not use impact factor as the sole measurement to judge journal quality. Other ways of measurement (e.g., peer-assessment) would also be a good indicator.
    Keywords: impact factors, journal ranking, tourism

  • Analysis of an investment by a seed capital fund using a patento-scientometric approach: the case of probiotics technology for veterinary use   Order a copy of this article
    by Gustavo Motta, Maxwel Azevedo-Ferreira, Rogério Quintella 
    Abstract: This article examines the potential use of scientometric and patentometric indicators as a way to instrumentalize the process of selecting projects by seed capital funds. Academic interest in high-tech companies is growing due to their ability to contribute to economic and social development. Nevertheless, the literature and documented practice reveal a certain difficulty to evaluate non-financial criteria associated with Technologies by venture capital funds. We selected the case of a company that received an investment from Brazils largest seed capital fund to analyze the contribution of these indicators to understand the potential of the firms technology. We conclude that use of scientometric and patentometric can improve the process of evaluation of the following criteria: technology; market; divestment; and team.
    Keywords: Patento-Scientometric Approach; Technological Evaluation; S&T Indicators; Seed Capital Funds; Bibliometric Indicators; Investment Analysis; Technological Innovation; Technological Management; Innovation Management; Non-Financial Criteria.

  • The Top Management Team (TMT) Literature: A Bibliometric Approach   Order a copy of this article
    by G. Steven McMillan 
    Abstract: Since the 1984 Academy of Management Review article Upper Echelons: The Organization as a Reflection of its Top Managers, there has been considerable interest in the role of top managers in organizational outcomes. In fact, most the TMT research since the 1980s has been empirically focused with many efforts highlighting demography, power, and board of directors relationships. While we certainly applaud the empirical efforts, little has been done to advance the theoretical underpinnings of the TMT. And though there have been a number of comprehensive literature reviews, a quantitative bibliometric analysis has not yet been performed. The goal of this paper is to provide such an examination, and to highlight possible future avenues for TMT research.
    Keywords: top management team; bibliometrics; citation analysis.

  • The Development of Co-Authorship in Management and Organization Studies   Order a copy of this article
    by Erdal Akdeve 
    Abstract: The study aims at examining the appropriateness of the management and organization field in terms of the small world and the maturity of this field by evaluating the fields progress, cooperation between researchers, and the social networks that arise. The study was conducted with social network analyses and data on multi-authored papers presented at 18 annual National Management and Organization congresses in Turkey. The development of cooperation among researchers was analyzed in two areas: the development of cooperation and social network analysis. The bibliometric analysis method is utilized to evaluate the papers presented at the congresses. Suggestions are offered to promote cooperation between researchers and to increase the maturity of the field.
    Keywords: management and organization; cooperation; network analysis; social networks; small world approach; Turkey.

  • Examining the Scope of the Accounting Literature: A Bibliometric Review of a Decade of Research   Order a copy of this article
    by G. Steven McMillan, Debra Casey 
    Abstract: Previous research has determined that accounting research has changed over time to be much more financial accounting focused. In addition, much of the top-tier accounting efforts rely on concepts, theories, and methodologies from finance and economics. Yet, accounting research seeks to establish itself as a unique paradigm. This research endeavor seeks to explore, using bibliometric analyses, the last decade of accounting research in its top five journals. Our findings are that accounting still relies on the finance and economics literatures, but that progress has been made in more clearly establishing accounting as a unique area of research.
    Keywords: Accounting; Bibliometrics; Co-Citation Analysis; Intellectual base; Research front.