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  • Ultimate in-plane strengths of two-dimensional tri-axial braided composites: experiments and numerical simulations   Order a copy of this article
    by Jian Wu, Yanjie Rui, Wei Ye, Huiming Ning, Ning Hu 
    Abstract: The ultimate in-plane strengths of a carbon/glass fiber reinforced tri-axial braided composite are studied by experiments and numerical simulations. The ultimate tensile, compressible and shear strengths are tested. Employing Tsai-Wu failure criterion, a progressive failure analysis is performed in finite element analysis. Reasonable agreement between the experiments and numerical simulations indicates that present finite element model has a potential to predict the ultimate strengths of a two-dimensional tri-axial braided composite.
    Keywords: Tri-axial braided composites; In-plane strengths; Finite element analysis.

  • Effect of surface treatments on damping behaviour of carbon fiber reinforced brake friction material   Order a copy of this article
    by Naresh Kumar Konada, Suman Koka Naga Sai 
    Abstract: The damping behaviour of carbon fiber (CF) reinforced brake friction material depends mainly on the interfacial adhesion between fiber and matrix and ingredients selected for the friction material. The surface of CF is chemically inert in nature. Therefore, in this work CF surface is modified by different surface treatments on fiber to increase hydroxyl or carboxyl groups on its surface. An attempt is made to improve the bonding strength between CF and polymer matrix by three surface treatment methods. CF surface is modified by surface oxidation, HNO3 treatment and grafting multi walled carbon nano tubes functionalized (MWCNT-F) on CF surface. Carbon fiber content after surface modification by three different treatments is varied in wt %(2%, 3%, 4% & 5%) and mixed with remaining ingredients. Friction composite sheets are fabricated by using hand layup method. The resulting materials are characterized by SEM, TGA and FTIR analysis. MWCNTs-F on CF surface is observed. Sample specimens are cut from the friction composite sheets and damping behaviour of the specimens is evaluated by using Fast Fourier Transform analyzer. The best combination of ingredients and surface treatment method is selected for the fabrication of friction material to reduce the squeal generation at the interface between brake disc and pad.
    Keywords: Multi walled carbon nano tubes; Carbon fibers; chemical grafting; damping; and Interfacial shear strength.