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  • A Fast Dynamic Programming Algorithm to a Varied Capacity Problem in Vehicle Routing   Order a copy of this article
    by PengLe Zhang, Yajie Dou 
    Abstract: As a typical combinational optimization problem, the researches on Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) mostly focus on the case when vehicle loading capability is certain. In fact, the vehicle loading capability often changes with multi-type vehicles, varying goods size and customer's requirement alter. Thus, a varied capacity vehicle routing problem (VCVRP) is introduced and a fast dynamic programming algorithm is presented based on the K-step Best Fit Deceasing and Minimum Spanning Tree methods, the algorithms can serve as an approximate decoupling between the goods packing problem and router selection problem in VCVRP. Besides, the theoretical analysis on the upper bound of vehicle trip and local minimization based on short-path priority principle are carried out theoretically. Finally, an example about varied capacity vehicle logistics transportation task is given with quality and performance analysis on different parameters and scales, to illustrate the feasibilities and advantages of the proposed algorithm.
    Keywords: logistic systems; dynamic programming; varied capacity vehicle routing problem; VCVRP; fast algorithm; heuristic algorithm.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJADS.2018.10008635
  • Fuzzy Evaluation Mechanism of Trust Chain under Embedded Trusted Computing   Order a copy of this article
    by Gang Li 
    Abstract: This paper proposes a trust chain evaluation mechanism based on fuzzy theory under embedded trusted computing. Firstly, this method described the trusted computing, the trusted computing platform, embedded system, which showed the important position of the trust chain in dependable computing. Then, in the process of the entity evaluation of trust chain, according to the influencing factors of trust chain in the trusted computing, considering the indirect trust degree, completed the establishment of evaluation method of trusted computing model based on the fuzzy set theory. Finally, combined the fuzzy logic inference with the trust transitivity, we proposed a trust chain evaluation mechanism based on similarity, and introduced the time decay function and adaptive weight coefficient to give the trust updating model. Simulation experiment shows that the proposed method can effectively improve the reliability of trust chain evaluation in embedded trusted computing, which has good application value.
    Keywords: Embedded; Trusted computing; Fuzzy theory; Trust chain evaluation.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJADS.2018.10008974
  • Organizational Management: A Study of a Company of Distribution Services   Order a copy of this article
    by Leonardo Ensslin, Sandra R. Ensslin, Michele Gabriel, Leonardo Chaves, Marcus Vinicius Andrade De Lima 
    Abstract: The current trend of focusing on core activities created opportunities for some companies to act as subcontractors. This is the case for companies that handle the distribution of food products. Beyond the concern for speedy delivery, they must take into account the perishable nature of the products if they are to meet the expectations of their customers. The objective of this research, characterised as exploratory and descriptive, is to build a model to support the management of a company to meet the needs of food distribution, taking into account regional peculiarities, customers, and distribution services. To achieve this objective, we used the methodology of multicriteria decision support - constructivist (MCDA-C). The model allowed us to identify opportunities for improvement to the following aspects: minimum profitable load delivered; control of the localisation of products, maintenance of trucks, and accommodation of the products on the truck, which led to an increase in performance from 49 to 59 points using the proposed model.
    Keywords: decision support; multicriteria analysis; MCDA-C; performance evaluation; distribution management services.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJADS.2018.10009879