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Title: Evaluation of micro-credit facility for strengthening existing micro-enterprises


Author: Nivedita T. Dwivedi


Address: Kamana Consulting Services, J-302, Ishan Silver Residential, New CG Road, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, India


Abstract: In present era micro-credit is seen as a recognised financial service by institutions especially for poor people. This study is conducted in Kushinagar District of Uttar Pradesh in six community development blocks (CDB) where good number of SHGs were working who were beneficiaries of micro-credit either from banks or NGOs or MFIs. Either individual member or SHG member together run micro-enterprise. From each SHG, one member was interviewed. It is found that there are more trading units, major motivational factor for respondents to start and run own business is profit or money making, majority of SHGs had micro-enterprises i.e., the number of employees were one to two and majority of SHGs expanded their enterprises after availing micro-credit.


Keywords: micro-credit; microfinance institutions; MFIs; self-help groups; SHGs; micro-enterprises; India; entrepreneurship.


DOI: 10.1504/IJSEI.2016.075639


Int. J. of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2016 Vol.4, No.1, pp.25 - 36


Submission date: 18 Jun 2015
Date of acceptance: 07 Nov 2015
Available online: 30 Mar 2016



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