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Title: Use of iPad for teaching and learning: a review of the literature


Author: Chrystella Lee


Address: Nanyang Technological University, 50 Nanyang Avenue, 639798, Singapore


Abstract: The use of iPad in schools is increasingly prevalent. However, being a new technology, there is a need to ascertain how best the iPad could be leveraged on to enhance teaching and learning. This paper aims to find out students' and teachers' experiences in using the iPad for teaching and learning. For this purpose, 18 empirical, peer-reviewed articles were read to investigate the perceptions of students and teachers on the use of the iPad. While the iPad is found to enhance learning and teaching processes, provide seamless learning spaces and increase time for learning due to better productivity, tensions arise due to the distraction posed by the device, disparity in students and teachers views on its use and the need for teachers to change their roles when teaching and learning with the iPad. Considerations for better integration of the iPad in teaching and learning include providing adequate technical support and time for initial iPad familiarisation and focusing the professional development for teachers to build their skills, knowledge and attitudes towards the use of the iPad.


Keywords: iPad; educational technology; tensions; schools; student perceptions; teacher perceptions; device limitations; integration considerations; social media; interactive learning environments; teaching and learning; literature review; e-learning; electronic learning; online learning.


DOI: 10.1504/IJSMILE.2015.072291


Int. J. of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments, 2015 Vol.3, No.3, pp.184 - 199


Submission date: 22 Jul 2014
Date of acceptance: 12 Oct 2014
Available online: 08 Oct 2015



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