Int. J. of Nanomanufacturing   »   2013 Vol.9, No.5/6



Title: Nanomanufacturing: path to implementing nanotechnology


Authors: Khershed P. Cooper; Ralph F. Wachter


Materials Science and Technology Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375, USA
Division of Computer and Network Systems, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA, 22230, USA


Abstract: Research and development work in nanoscience and nanotechnology has generated new fundamental understanding of physical phenomena and material behaviour at the nano-scale. This knowledge has resulted in discoveries of new materials, structures and devices. It is believed that these basic research investments should now lead to new products and applications. The general feeling is that nanotechnology needs to move from fundamentals to practice, from the laboratory to the marketplace. The broad consensus is that we need accelerated research and development investments in nanomanufacturing science to step up transition of nanotechnology and to hasten technology transfer. Such an effort will fulfil nanotechnology's promise, which to bring about economic and societal benefits. This paper will define and discuss our perspective on nanomanufacturing, describe our manufacturing science programmes ongoing research and development efforts, list manufacturing challenges and discuss how these are being met through our basic research programmes.


Keywords: nanoscience; nanotechnology; nanomaterials; nanodevices; nanosystems; nanofabrication; roll-to-roll processing; R2R; large area processing; nanomanufacturing; research and development; R&D investment; technology transfer.


DOI: 10.1504/IJNM.2013.057598


Int. J. of Nanomanufacturing, 2013 Vol.9, No.5/6, pp.540 - 554


Submission date: 02 Jan 2013
Date of acceptance: 22 Mar 2013
Available online: 13 Nov 2013



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