Int. J. of Nanomanufacturing   »   2013 Vol.9, No.2



Title: Synthesis and properties of Eu3+-doped LaPO4 powders


Author: Yuguo Yang


Address: New Materials Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, Jinan 250014, China


Abstract: Eu3+-doped LaPO4 powders were produced from direct liquid-liquid reaction of lanthanum chloride (LaCl3) and ammonium phosphate ((NH4)2HPO4). The sample was characterised by XRD and FTIR, which reveal that there is a phase transformation after the heat-treatment at 700°C. The optical properties of Eu3+-doped LaPO4 powders were investigated. Meanwhile, the influence of the dosage concentration of Eu3+ on the luminescent properties was studied. When above 5 mol%, the luminescence intensity decreases.


Keywords: Eu3+; LaPO4; phosphors; X-ray diffraction; XRD; FTIR; luminescence intensity; lanthanum chloride; ammonium phosphate; optical properties.


DOI: 10.1504/IJNM.2013.055139


Int. J. of Nanomanufacturing, 2013 Vol.9, No.2, pp.130 - 136


Submission date: 30 Oct 2012
Date of acceptance: 07 Jan 2013
Available online: 17 Jul 2013



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