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Title: Modelling the impact of internal and external variables on consumer durables in a matured marketing environment


Author: A.M. Sakkthivel


Address: Department of Business Administration, Sur University College, P.O. Box 440, P.C.411, Sur, Sultanate of Oman


Abstract: The paper attempts to build an empirically proven model of determinants that influence consumer buying behaviour and consumer switching behaviour towards consumer durable products for a matured marketing environment. The research identified that the entire marketing mix variables viz. product attributes, pricing, distribution and service, promotion, etc., and external variables such as country of origin, brand reputation, influence of peer groups and society have significant impact on consumer buying behaviour in a matured marketing environment, except the influence of opinion groups found no impact. Erosion in product attributes, pricing problems, dealer and service problems, eroding brand reputation, etc., have significant impact on consumer switching behaviour, whereas sales promotion, influence of peer and opinion groups found no influence.


Keywords: marketing mix variables; external variables; internal variables; modelling; consumer buying behaviour; consumer switching behaviour; consumer durable products; matured marketing environment; consumer behaviour.


DOI: 10.1504/IJEF.2011.043346


Int. J. of Electronic Finance, 2011 Vol.5, No.4, pp.316 - 332


Available online: 25 Oct 2011



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