Int. J. of Technology Management   »   1986 Vol.1, No.1/2



Title: The 21st-century Corporation


Author: Roger B. Smith


Address: Chairman, General Motors Corporation, General Motors Building, 3044 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan, MI 48202, USA


Abstract: The Chairman of General Motors outlines his vision of a ''2lst-century Corporation'', in which offices will be computerized and paperless and linked by worldwide communications, factories will be fully automated and robotized. Artificial intelligence will play a large part in service routines. To evolve into such a company will require modern fully integrated systems, but many companies have not yet learned to take a systems approach to their organization. It will also need the key ingredient of trained people.


Keywords: artificial intelligence; automated factory; assembly lines; corporate management; computer systems; systems approach; strategic management; General Motors; automobile industry; communications; robots; robotic assembly; automotive assembly.


DOI: 10.1504/IJTM.1986.026093


Int. J. of Technology Management, 1986 Vol.1, No.1/2, pp.23 - 29


Available online: 27 May 2009



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