Int. J. of Technology Management   »   1989 Vol.4, No.1



Title: Spin-offs from military technology: past and future


Author: Vincent P. Luchsinger, John Van Blois


University of Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Consultant, Boca Raton, Florida, USA


Abstract: One of the best arguments to support expenditures on space and weapons systems for defence is to look at the applications in the civilian world that came from military and space technology. The authors extract from military careers and civilian experience to highlight the spin-offs that have come from past military and space technology. Areas of spin-off include communications, fuels, weather observation, power sources, protective clothing, and displays. In addition, some projections from two contemporary technology ventures are presented: those from Forecast II (the recent landmark technology study of the Air Force Systems Command) and the work being done in the Strategic Defense Initiative. The case is made for valuable fallout for the civilian and industrial world from military technology products, and technology producing processes.


Keywords: technology spin-offs; technology transfer; technology management; research and development; military R&D; military enterprise; military technology; space technology.


DOI: 10.1504/IJTM.1989.026016


Int. J. of Technology Management, 1989 Vol.4, No.1, pp.21 - 29


Available online: 26 May 2009



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