Globalisation, Technology and Sustainable Development Book Series
Policies and Strategies

ANNEX 1: ANNEX 1: Interviews with different stakeholders

133 - 140
Dr. Mahmed Mhamoud ElhananUndersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MOAF), Khartoum
Mohammed Hassan JubaraDirector-General, International Cooperation, MOAF
Dr. Omer AbdulwahabDirector-General, Horticulture, MOAF
Dr. Abdelteef AijeimiDirector-General, Agricultural Economics and Planning, MOAF
Fatih ElrahamanDirector-General, Natural
Mohamed AhmedResources, MOAF
Mahmed Ali SalamaThe Irrigated Sector, MOAF
Elamin Hassan ElaminHead of Food Security Unit, MOAF
Abelhameed Adam HamidActing Director, National Forests Corporation, MOAF
Dr. Ahmed Mustafa HassanUndersecretary, Ministry of Animal Resources, Khartoum
Dr. Hassan Mahmed NorDirector-General, Ministry of Animal Resources, Khartoum
Mahmed Bahar ELdinUndersecretary, Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources
Hasbo Mohamed AbdelrahmanGeneral Commissioner for Humanitarian Assistance, HAC
Omar AbdelsalamDeputy Undersecretary, Ministry of Finance and National Economy, Khartoum
Hafiz Atta ElmannanMinistry of Finance and National Economy, Khartoum
Lila ElbadriMinistry of Finance and National Economy, Khartoum
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