Chapter 3: Food security policies

Pages Contents
27 - 521. Introduction
2. Food security within the framework of economic adjustment
3. Recent national policy initiatives on food security
    3.1. The Long-Term Agricultural Development Strategy (LTADS) (2004–2027)
    3.2. The medium term economic program (2004–2009)
        3.2.1. Public expenditure
        3.2.2. The agricultural sector
        3.2.3. Infrastructure
        3.2.4. Social policies
        3.2.5. Basic services
        3.2.6. Interim poverty reduction strategy
    3.3. Millennium development goals
    3.4. Strategy for self-sufficiency in wheat production
    3.5. Legislations promoting food security
        3.5.1. The Gezira Scheme act 2005
        3.5.2. Objectives of the Act
        3.5.3. Land reform
    3.6. The rural development, food security and Poverty Alleviation Act 2005
        3.6.1. The act emphasises the following points with regard to food
        3.6.2. Regarding poverty alleviation, the Act emphasises the following actions
    3.7. The 10-year plan of action: women in agriculture and food security in Sudan
    3.8. Land policies
    3.9.National grazing policy
    3.10. Nutritional policies
4. Food Security policies of the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS)
    4.1. Agriculture
    4.2. The livestock sector
    4.3. Promoting food trade
    4.4. Role of international organisations and NGOs in food security in Southern Sudan

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