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International Journal of Web Science (IJWS)

International Journal of Web Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Byzantine fault tolerance for session-oriented multi-tiered applicationsHua Chai; Wenbing ZhaoVol.2 No.1/2113-125Free access
Exploratory pattern mining on social media using geo-references and social tagging informationMartin Atzmueller; Florian LemmerichVol.2 No.1/280-112Free access
Hypergraph-based Wikipedia search with semanticsG. Sudha Sadasivam; K.G. Saranya; K.G. KarrthikVol.2 No.1/266-79Free access
Discovering social behaviour variances of younger and older users through social interaction analysisDarren Quinn; Liming Chen; Maurice MulvennaVol.2 No.1/244-65Free access
Application of data mining techniques to stakeholder sentiment analysis towards corporate social responsibility in the social media: a case study on S&P 500 firmsMarkus Stiglbauer; Christian HäußingerVol.2 No.1/227-43Free access
Text classification using document-document semantic similarityIndrajit Mukherjee; Prabhat Kumar Mahanti; Vandana Bhattacharya; Samudra BanerjeeVol.2 No.1/21-26Free access