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International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration (IJVNV)

International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Design and numerical investigation for reduction of hand-arm vibrations from steering wheel of an agricultural tractorSumit S. Naygaonkar; Sandeep R. DesaiVol.18 No.1/2119-138Free access
The vibrational behaviour of the vehicle at the road humps with different suspension systemsWaleed Dirbas; Saeed AsiriVol.18 No.1/2102-118Free access
Investigation of liner and duct geometry discontinuities on the attenuation of resonator Helmholtz lined duct elementRaja Dhief; Mohamed Taktak; Mabrouk Chaabane; Mohamed HaddarVol.18 No.1/277-101Free access
Stator vibration analysis of in-wheel motor for electric vehicle based on harmonic response analysis methodQiping Chen; Xuanjun Huang; Hao Shao; Junling Ding; Zhihui XuVol.18 No.1/261-76Free access
Numerical analysis of single dry clutch using functional graded aluminium matrix composite reinforced with silicon carbideSaeed AsiriVol.18 No.1/241-60Free access
A comparative study of properties of natural rubber and polyurethane-based powertrain mount on electric vehicle NVH performanceSandip Hazra; K. Janardhan ReddyVol.18 No.1/222-40Free access
Decoupling optimisation of 12-degree-of-freedom mount systemZhihong Lin; Dezhao Lin; Di Gong; Yunxiao Chen; Mingzhong WuVol.18 No.1/21-21Free access