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International Journal of Social Network Mining (IJSNM)

International Journal of Social Network Mining

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Social networking meets recommender systems: surveyGuandong Xu; Zhiang Wu; Yanchun Zhang; Jie CaoVol.2 No.164-100Free access
Generalised measures for the evaluation of community detection methodsVincent LabatutVol.2 No.144-63Free access
Information fusion methods for the automatic creation of Twitter listsMengjiao Wang; Donn Morrison; Conor HayesVol.2 No.119-43Free access
Discovering compatible users in social networksArefeh Kazemi; Mohammad Ali Nematbakhsh; Mohammad Mehdi KeikhaVol.2 No.11-18Free access