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International Journal of Social Network Mining (IJSNM)

International Journal of Social Network Mining

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Small world networks and creativity in audio clip sharingGerard Roma; Perfecto Herrera; Massimiliano Zanin; Sergio L. Toral; Frederic Font; Xavier SerraVol.1 No.1112-127Free access
Examining spectral space of complex networks with positive and negative linksLeting Wu; Xiaowei Ying; Xintao Wu; Aidong Lu; Zhi-Hua ZhouVol.1 No.191-111Free access
Community structure discovery in FacebookEmilio FerraraVol.1 No.167-90Free access
Anonymisation in social network: a literature survey and classificationSanur Sharma; Preeti Gupta; Vishal BhatnagarVol.1 No.151-66Free access
A quantitative methodology based on component analysis to identify key users in social networksClaudia Canali; Riccardo LancellottiVol.1 No.127-50Free access
Label propagation algorithm: a semi-synchronous approachGennaro Cordasco; Luisa GarganoVol.1 No.13-26Free access