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International Journal of Process Systems Engineering (IJPSE)

International Journal of Process Systems Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An energy evaluation for thermal conversion of thermoplastic waste to refined oil products using pyrolysis reaction process systemHossam A. Gabbar; Mohamed Aboughaly; Awais ChoudharyVol.4 No.165-79Free access
Design of intelligent load frequency control strategy using optimal fuzzy-PID controllerNour El Yakine Kouba; Mohamed Menaa; Mourad Hasni; Mohamed BoudourVol.4 No.141-64Free access
Distributed generation long-term planning in smart distribution systems considering daily optimal operationHatem Sindi; Mostafa Shaaban; Ehab El-SaadanyVol.4 No.119-40Free access
Optimal planning of a biofuel supply chain using a multi-criteria optimisation modelS. Syafiie; Maryam ValizadehVol.4 No.11-18Free access