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International Journal of Nuclear Safety and Security (IJNSS)

International Journal of Nuclear Safety and Security

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Mobile radiation dosimeter for monitoring of total radiation on-board of civilian aircraftVladimir Elin; Olga Sharts; Michail MerkinVol.1 No.164-84Free access
Developing a consequence management assessment frameworkKenneth McDonald; Robert PrinsVol.1 No.153-63Free access
Thermal hydraulic simulations of a PWR nuclear power plantSaid Mohamed Ali Ibrahim; Sami Ibrahim AtiaVol.1 No.131-52Free access
Physical protection systems of nuclear facilities: a proposed nuclear power plant general layout and regulatory requirementOlivea A. Elhefnawy; Mahmoud F. BarakatVol.1 No.118-30Free access
Passive containment cooling system with hydrogen recombiner for prolonged station blackoutShripad T. RevankarVol.1 No.11-17Free access