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International Journal of Metaheuristics (IJMHeur)

International Journal of Metaheuristics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An adaptive optimisation algorithm based on modified whale optimisation algorithm and Laplace crossoverLamiaa M. El BakrawyVol.7 No.3284-305Free access
Shuffled teaching learning-based algorithm for solving robot path planning problemGeetanjali Singh; Nirmala Sharma; Harish SharmaVol.7 No.3265-283Free access
Solving high dimensional multimodal continuous optimisation problems using hybridisation between particle swarm optimisation variantsHugo Deschenes; Caroline GagneVol.7 No.3239-264Free access
A Tabu search approach for a virtual networks splitting strategy across multiple cloud providersMarieme Diallo; Alejandro Quintero; Samuel PierreVol.7 No.3197-238Free access