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International Journal of Metaheuristics (IJMHeur)

International Journal of Metaheuristics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Tabu search-enhanced artificial bee colony algorithm to solve profit-based unit commitment problem with emission limitations in deregulated electricity marketC. Shanmuga Sundaram; M. Sudhakaran; P. Ajay-D-Vimal RajVol.6 No.1/2107-132Free access
Induction motor parameter estimation using disrupted black hole artificial bee colony algorithmFani Bhushan Sharma; Shashi Raj KapoorVol.6 No.1/285-106Free access
Generic filtering and removing artefacts from document images using unsupervised PSO optimisationAicha Eutamene; Djamel Gaceb; Hacene BelhadefVol.6 No.1/255-84Free access
Discrete cuckoo search applied to capacitated arc routing problemBadis Bensedira; Abdesslam Layeb; Zineb HabbasVol.6 No.1/237-54Free access
Makespan minimisation for pre-emptive scheduling of mobile robots in FMS environmentQuang-Vinh Dang; Lam NguyenVol.6 No.1/23-36Free access