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International Journal of Multivariate Data Analysis (IJMDA)

International Journal of Multivariate Data Analysis

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
You never know: the journey into convincing ourselvesEdgard CornacchioneVol.1 No.196-105Free access
Management practices in micro and small enterprises: the relationships between practices adopted and fundingJuliana Gonçalves De Araújo; Umbelina Cravo Texeira Lagioia; Aldemar De Araújo Santos; Rodrigo Vicente Dos PrazeresVol.1 No.176-95Free access
A preliminary framework to estimate and disclose ex-ante cost of capital for (fair) valuationJosilmar Cordenonssi Cia; Joanília Neide De Sales Cia; Luiz Carlos Jacob PereraVol.1 No.161-75Free access
Similarity of management reports of Brazilian firmsLudmila De Melo Souza; César Augusto Tibúrcio SilvaVol.1 No.143-60Free access
The cost of living in the best livable cities in the world: a brief predictive quantitative analysisRafaela Costa Martins De Mello Dourado; Alessandra De Ávila MontiniVol.1 No.128-42Free access
A review on implementation of meta-heuristic approaches for layout problems in dynamic business environmentParveen Sharma; Sandeep SinghalVol.1 No.16-27Free access