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International Journal of Mechatronics and Automation (IJMA)

International Journal of Mechatronics and Automation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Analysis and compensation of hysteresis of PZT micro-actuator used in high precision dual-stage servo systemMd. Arifur Rahman; Abdullah Al Mamun; Kui YaoVol.5 No.158-68Free access
A modified integral resonant control scheme for vibration suppression of parallel kinematic mechanisms with flexible linksMasih Mahmoodi; James K. Mills; Beno BenhabibVol.5 No.144-57Free access
Machining robot for foamed polystyrene materials using fuzzy feed rate controllerFusaomi Nagata; Akimasa Otsuka; Keigo Watanabe; Maki K. HabibVol.5 No.134-43Free access
Autonomous reverse parking system - vision approach through ridge detector and Kalman filterXinxin Du; Kok Kiong Tan; Kyaw Ko Ko HtetVol.5 No.122-33Free access
Preliminary concept of a novel spherical underwater robotYaxin Li; Shuxiang Guo; Chunfeng YueVol.5 No.111-21Free access
Vascular elasticity determined mass-spring model for virtual reality simulatorsYu Wang; Shuxiang Guo; Baofeng GaoVol.5 No.11-10Free access