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International Journal of Knowledge and Web Intelligence (IJKWI)

International Journal of Knowledge and Web Intelligence

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Web caching and prefetching with cyclic model analysis of web object sequencesK.C. Srikantaiah; N. Krishna Kumar; K.R. Venugopal; L.M. PatnaikVol.5 No.176-103Free access
A RESTful web service to estimating time requirements for web formsLudger MartinVol.5 No.162-75Free access
Review of web crawlersS.R. Sreeja; Sangita ChaudhariVol.5 No.149-61Free access
Case-based reasoning approach for utilisation of past remarks as advice for collaborative learningTomoko Kojiri; Shuto Ohata; Yuki HayashiVol.5 No.136-48Free access
Classification of English language learner writing errors using a parallel corpus with SVMBrendan Flanagan; Chengjiu Yin; Takahiko Suzuki; Sachio HirokawaVol.5 No.121-35Free access
Paper-to-reviewer assignment, based on expertise degree of reviewers and relevance degree between reviewers and papersXinlian Li; Toyohide WatanabeVol.5 No.11-20Free access