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International Journal of Instrumentation Technology (IJIT)

International Journal of Instrumentation Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Development of caster slag detection system through imaging techniqueBiswajit Chakraborty; Billol Kumar SinhaVol.1 No.184-91Free access
Low cost digital measurement system for determination of temperature rise in dry type transformerM. Srinivasan; S. Paramasivam; A. KrishnanVol.1 No.172-83Free access
Vibration control of mechanical suspension system using LabVIEWKothandaraman Rajeswari; Ponnusamy LakshmiVol.1 No.160-71Free access
Design of an improvised tipping bucket rain gauge for measurement of rain and snow precipitationRajiv Kumar Das; Neelam Rup PrakashVol.1 No.144-59Free access
Rapid evaluation of the extent in micro-degradation of protective coatings using laser-ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS)S.C. Fok; Avin E. Pillay; Sasi Stephen; Amr Abd-ElhameedVol.1 No.134-43Free access
Prediction and comparison of emitted radiation from a flat plate heat sink using linear regression analysis with artificial neural network and ANFISS. Manivannan; S. Prasanna Devi; R. Arumugam; S. Paramasivam; N.M. SudharsanVol.1 No.118-33Free access
Metrological characterisation of power quality measurement stations: a case studyEdoardo Fiorucci; Giovanni Bucci; Fabrizio CiancettaVol.1 No.11-17Free access