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International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Drives (IJIED)

International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Drives

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Dead time compensation in H-bridge invertersDaniel Zammit; Maurice Apap; Cyril Spiteri StainesVol.4 No.156-68Free access
Effective model predictive instantaneous power control for a sensorless induction motor driveMahmoud A. Mossa; Silverio BolognaniVol.4 No.144-55Free access
Optimisation-based parameter estimation of photovoltaic modulesMohamed A. Awadallah; Bala VenkateshVol.4 No.133-43Free access
An effective IGBT driver circuit for three level neutral point clamped convertersHany A. Hamed; Fatima N. Al Mansoori; Ehab H.E. BayoumiVol.4 No.125-32Free access
Improved load frequency characteristics with genetically tuned supercapacitor energy storage in interconnected power systemS. Zahid Nabi Dar; Mairaj-ud-din MuftiVol.4 No.116-24Free access
A current source inverter-based unified power quality conditioner for mitigation of voltage and current harmonicsAbdul Hamid Bhat; Anupam Kumar; Arfat FirdousVol.4 No.11-15Free access