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International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences (IJIDS)

International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The impact of agricultural technology adoption on income inequality: a propensity score matching analysis for rural EthiopiaAynalem Shita; Nand Kumar; Seema SinghVol.12 No.1102-114Free access
Enhancing the performance of sentiment analysis task on product reviews by handling both local and global contextBagus Setya Rintyarna; Riyanarto Sarno; Chastine FatichahVol.12 No.175-101Free access
A rule-based approach for dynamic analytic hierarchy process decision-makingYun-Ning Liu; Shiow-Yang WuVol.12 No.136-74Free access
A new approach agent-based for distributing association rules by business to improve decision process in ERP systemsMerouane Zoubeidi; Okba Kazar; Saber Benharzallah; Nadjib Mesbahi; Abdelhak Merizig; Djamil RezkiVol.12 No.11-35Free access