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International Journal of Financial Innovation in Banking (IJFIB)

International Journal of Financial Innovation in Banking

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The efficiency and impact of banking electronic services: evidence for KosovoJeton Zogjani; Majlinda Mazelliu; Baton HumolliVol.2 No.182-97Free access
Subordinated debt in banking: a regulatory perspectiveFabiana ZangaraVol.2 No.160-81Free access
The effect of digital delivery channels on the financial performance of banksJohnson Worlanyo AhiadormeVol.2 No.148-59Free access
Effectiveness of financial inclusion programs: a case study of Jammu and Kashmir stateAudil Rashid KhakiVol.2 No.129-47Free access
Implications of securitisation on bank performance: evidence from US commercial banksAmit GhoshVol.2 No.11-28Free access