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International Journal of Financial Innovation in Banking (IJFIB)

International Journal of Financial Innovation in Banking

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Customers experience and problem resolutions in retail banking. Some empirical evidence from Italian bankingAntonella Malinconico; Nathalie FuccioVol.1 No.1/2109-126Free access
Futures-friendly derivatives: a fix for the over-the-counter derivatives messJames Kurt DewVol.1 No.1/299-108Free access
Cross-buying as a challenge in emerging markets: a study of the effect of technology adoption on cross-buying intentionsVishal Vyas; Sonika RaitaniVol.1 No.1/280-98Free access
The Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited: a case of Islamic Shari'ah banking in BangladeshJashim Uddin Ahmed; Nabila Nisha; Afrin RifatVol.1 No.1/262-79Free access
Microfinance vs. traditional banking in developing countriesRoberto Moro ViscontiVol.1 No.1/243-61Free access
The effect of competition on safety management to reduce risk in bankingMahito OkuraVol.1 No.1/229-42Free access
The process of managing operational risk as an 'innovative' bank risk type: a case study from Bosnia and HerzegovinaEmira Kozarevic; Safet KozarevicVol.1 No.1/23-28Free access