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International Journal of Convergence Computing (IJConvC)

International Journal of Convergence Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Remote login password authentication scheme using tangent theorem on circleShipra Kumari; Hari OmVol.2 No.193-106Free access
Asymptotic expansions for approximate eigenvalues of integral operators with a weakly singular periodic kernelRekha P. Kulkarni; Akshay S. RaneVol.2 No.179-92Free access
Comparative numerical investigation of Burgers' equation with and without Hopf-Cole transformationMayur P. Bonkile; Ashish Awasthi; S. JayarajVol.2 No.154-78Free access
Local convergence for a derivative free method of order three under weak conditionsIoannis K. Argyros; Santhosh GeorgeVol.2 No.141-53Free access
The b-chromatic number of Mycielskian of some graphsP.C. Lisna; M.S. SunithaVol.2 No.123-40Free access
Neuro-fuzzy-based smart DSS for crop specific irrigation control and SMS notification generation for precision agricultureAmbarish G. Mohapatra; Saroj Kumar LenkaVol.2 No.13-22Free access