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International Journal of Collaborative Engineering (IJCE)

International Journal of Collaborative Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A socio-technical negotiation approach for collaborative design in software engineeringStephen C-Y. Lu, Nan JingVol.1 No.1/2185-209Free access
Collaborative engineering as a basic concept for teaching structurationA. Bernard, N. Perry, P. DepinceVol.1 No.1/2168-184Free access
Mass customisation as a collaborative engineering effortSonglin Chen, Yue Wang, Mitchell M. TsengVol.1 No.1/2152-167Free access
Argumentation-based negotiation for collaborative engineering designYan Jin, Mathieu GeslinVol.1 No.1/2125-151Free access
Knowledge Management in collaborative engineeringWaguih ElMaraghyVol.1 No.1/2114-124Free access
Enhancing ECN's abilities to address inventive strategies using OTSM-TRIZNikolai Khomenko, Roland De Guio, Denis CavallucciVol.1 No.1/298-113Free access
The innovation pump: supporting creative processes in collaborative engineeringXavier Llora, David E. GoldbergVol.1 No.1/275-97Free access
Collective rationality of group decisions in collaborative engineeringStephen C-Y. LuVol.1 No.1/238-74Free access
Designing and engineering through collaboration and negotiationN.P. SuhVol.1 No.1/219-37Free access
The foundations of collaborative group decisionsRalph L. KeeneyVol.1 No.1/24-18Free access